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Promoting Longevity: Qi Gong & Taoist Practices

Group Qi Gong

Components: Qi Gong exercises integrate body postures, movement, breathing and meditation for a healthy life, and spiritual enhancement and/or martial arts training.

This 5,000-year-old Chinese healthcare modality can be applied to many different aspects of life. Outcome: can improve health with a curative and preventing action. Beneficial for co-ordination, balance, flexibility, and for cardiovascular and neurological health. Its benefits are increasingly recognized by clinical studies. Qi Gong benefits range from mind relaxation and sharpening, stress relief to increased energy, vitality, and optimal health maintenance for longevity.

60 mins USD 400++ (Groups can also be arranged) 45 mins 

Qi Gong Healing Practice

Components: A revised and modernized form of Qi Gong that has been highly effective in healing. It’s a form of ancient Qi Gong that has been enhanced for addressing the issues of our present-day habits and lifestyles. Outcome: the focus of this form of Qi Gong is in healing by replenishing the energy system of our body.

50 mins 

Immortal Fang’s Longevity Qi Gong Massage

Components: This practice is a self-massage of the abdomen. This method is known to cause any disease to gradually lessen. As referenced in a Taoist book from 1723, the Fang healing massage is based on the sophisticated understanding of the Yin and Yang theory and the energetic circuitry of the human body. Outcome: not only this practice heals the body but promotes longevity.

30 mins 


Fabio performing QiGong